Comenius Project LLP

I know what VIOLENCE means and I have a SOLUTION 2011-2013

Survey about perception of violence

27th October 2011 ,Meeting in Castel del Piano,Italy


  (It will be done in every school and will be summarised in percentage.

The evaluation will be done among 3 classes )


1.What situation do you see at your school?


a)Calling names b)Insulting

c)Fighting d)Social exclusion




2)How often do you see such a situation at your school?


a)Never b)Sometimes c)Often

d)Very often e)Every day


3)If you are in a dangerous situation,who you will ask for help?


a)Nobody b)Friends c)Parents(Family members)

d)Teachers e)Police f)School Psycologist


4)You see two students fighting in the school-yard .What would you do?


a)I will walk away

b)I will tell an adult

c)I will try to stop them

d)I will ask my friends to help me stop them


5)Somebody punches you,what would you do?


a)I will punch them too b)I will punch and run away

c)I will cry and run away d)I will tell an adult

e)I will ignore it


6)What is violence to you? (Open question)




7)Have you ever been subject of violence?



b) No