Comenius Project LLP

I know what VIOLENCE means and I have a SOLUTION 2011-2013


We are a primary school situated in a modern housing estate of the town of Koszalin. The name of our school is White Eagle Primary School.  Our school building is modern and spacious with all necessary facilities: canteen, library, 2 gyms, community centre, computer lab. There are over 700 students in our school. Most of them are creative, hardworking and well prepared to excel in further life. However, there is a large number of students, who are not as well adapted. It is caused by our economic situation.  Koszalin is a town in the North of Poland at the Baltic Sea. There is no big industry here so our area benefits from tourism, but at the same time many people are unemployed and a lot of students come from poor or dysfunctional families. In addition, many parents work abroad and children are taken care of by their relatives and families. It causes a lot of insecurities, emotional distress and anger, which in turn leads to aggression. We would like to help them as much as possible to deal with these negative emotions and try to find a solution to their problems. This project would be a great opportunity to do so.