Comenius Project LLP

I know what VIOLENCE means and I have a SOLUTION 2011-2013


Hristo Smirnenski School is one of the partners in the project.

There are almost 800 students, aged 6 – 14 and about 55 staff members in our school. It is located in Haskovo, a town with mixed population in South- East of Bulgaria. There are Turkish, Gypsies, Armenian and Jewish pupils in our school. Some of themĀ  travel by bus from the villages near the town. We have also children with special needs integrated in the classes with other children. Some of the students live on social benefit and need special social care, like free school books, meals, financial support.
We believe, that participating in this Comenius project could be a good way of finding solutions to improve the school atmosphere, with the help of motivated partners. We hope to help the students to reduce the problem of violence, both in the school and outside, and appreciate the value of cooperation, friendship and cultural diversity.
Getting in touch with other European children, communicating and visiting them, our students may learn about other types of behaviour not only at school, but in the real life too.
Our everyday life at school and previous Comenius experience have definitely convinced us that meeting and working with people from different cultures, religions, races and countries is the best way to move on our ideal for global peace and tolerance.