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I know what VIOLENCE means and I have a SOLUTION 2011-2013


Our Institut ,named Istituto Scolastico Comprensivo “Ottorino Vannini” is situated in Castel Del Piano, a small town in Tuscany, near Grosseto, between Rome and Florence.We have two Nursery Schools,two Primary schools and one Secondary School with approximately 400 students.They are from 3 to 14 years old .Our Insitut aim is to try to extend fully each child through academic progress and by developing individual character and self-esteem. It put emphasis on skills likely to beespecially useful, such as computer, foreign language studies and communication skills.By giving the widest range of opportunities, we try to make sure that each child leaves the school with high standards in the traditional subjects, a wide range of interest and a high degree of social maturity and awareness.We believe in equality of opportunity for all children. They try to address and remove obstacles which prevent our children from gaining success to the appropriate learning opportunities. We try to offer a curriculum free from stereotyping which may lead tolow expectations and discrimination and which celebrates and values all cultures in community. Behaviour and physical violence is getting worse in primary schools all over the World and we are not an exception. For this reason we believe it’s very important to work
on it ,since the first classes , with the aim to prevent violence and bullyism.Our school is on the Mount Amiata, a mountain close to very  famous Tuscan towns  that are well known  alla over the World ,for their artistic and natural beauty. At the same time this  reality is poor in economic resources and cultural motivations and  there are  few opportunities of  social aggregation . Our community welcomes many immigrants  from Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia,Albania, Romania, Poland, Moldova ,Ucraina. For many families ,the school is the only cultural agency  that offers  multiple and intercultural opportunities ,  opening  our students horizons  on a European perspective.


Castel del Piano and the Middle School introduced by its students



Our town Castel del Piano : a  small presentation