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I know what VIOLENCE means and I have a SOLUTION 2011-2013


Rosensteinschule is situaed in an area of Stuttgart where are a lot of¬† with migration background.In our school there are pupils from more than 25 nations.The school has about 370 pupils in two classes in every grade.The social situation is very difficult for parents and children,there is a high number of unemployment and violence.A lot of parents are analphabets,their children can`t speak German very well and they can`t get any support by their parents.The risk of social exclusion is very high,therefore it is our task as school to help them to find their place in life.We have a special concept at our school to behave our pupils in daily life , in learning German language, in learning good behaviour , in getting self consciousness and some more.The title of the new project¬† “I know what VIOLENCE means and I have a SOLUTION” is very important for our school because we are very interested in improving chances for our pupils in life.