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I know what VIOLENCE means and I have a SOLUTION 2011-2013

Teachers and parents evaluation

Comenius Project

“I know what VIOLENCE means and I have a SOLUTION”


Evaluation For teachers

2nd year -2012/2013

1.How did the project change your work, students? Some students sentences:

“Thanking you I’m openining myself to the World”

“I’m starting to feel myself more European”

“I do not behave more like a bully and I walk with my head up”

“We have learned to say no to violence and became friends with the children of the partner schools”

“Now we know that to be different is really beautiful”

“We learnt a lot of things from the other schools about their traditions,culture,religion,language,school activities,songs…”

“We learnt to work in group”

“We had the possibility to visit the other schools in Europe”

“Doing Comenius activities we had a lot of fun”

“Like a magnet,I felt growing inside me the feeling of friendship and feel closer the other Countries”

“We are not only Italian, we are Europeans!”

“I have learned that is better to think about the consequences before acting, that the union is strength against violence and now I’m able to find solutions to bullying”

“With the other partner schools we are an extended and united family “

“The project has enriched me and I wish all the schools in Europe have this experience”

2.Did the project change anything considering ‘school rules”?(students behaviors)

The project developed positive behaviors in most of students:

  • groups are able to work together to create a product or performance that meets certain criteria

  • groups take part in collaborative research using an inductive or deductive process and are able to do a work plan to realize products
  • students have developed a Culture of Listening and Providing Good Directions
  • students overcomed violent behaviours working and building ornamnents /videos in groups

  • children started to take responsibility for sorting out their own problems.

  • through discussion, modelling and role play they had the strategies to cooperate independently.

  • cooperative learning activities helped to promote a change in our classrooms culture.

There’s a more positive climat in the envolved classrooms,children have also acquired more awareness and respect of rules

3.How the project has improved positive communication strategies overcoming violent behaviors?

Students has improved positive communication strategies overcoming violent behaviours by:


- discovering him/herself and others\

- becoming aware of feelings

- observing , accepting and naming their emotions

- reflecting on their opinions and foreseeing the effects of their behaviour.

- strengthening self -esteem, motivation and sense of belonging to the school

- transforming conflicts into opportunities for growth and having a positive feedback

- having more knowledge about the natural richness and diversity of partners culture

- learning to be more tolerant to other cultures by working together

- improving their proficiency in English and TIC for communicating with their friends in Europe

- acquiring an intercultural perspective to be transferred into everyday life in schools, at home, in the community

- opening their horizon working together and sharing products and material

-seeng that children have the same feelings, difficulties and joy to have new friends

-increasing their competence in school subjects, in their behavior and manual skills through shared design and production of ornaments, being aware of their own skills

-feeling responsible for the preparation of exhibitions and the creation of animated movies

4.Write down examples of “good practice”that you’ve learnt from your partner schools.

  • Creativity in teaching and learning

  • Total Physicall response activities

  • English lessons

  • Art workshops

  • Video movies

  • Evaluation criteria and instruments

  • To schedule tasks in a more streamlined and efficient way

  • Easy and fast ways to communicate by Internet

  • Students of the partner schools ,have more freedom of movement and responsibilities, inside and outside the school

5.How the project has implemented the European dimension in our students,parents, teachers and community?

The project helped students and families in our schools to build an European culture, identity, citizenship, by :


  • cooperation and sharing
  • students and teachers mobility and exchanges
  • development of language teaching
  • distance learning through multimedia systems
  • the promotion of innovation in teaching
  • exchange of information and using experience of the European Schools.
  • collect all the activities in our web site.

The activities have significantly improved:

  • the understanding for the multi-cultural nature of Europe
  • positive interdependence and interrelationships between people, cultures and environments
  • to be respectfully and tolerantly
  • knowledge, understanding, attitudes and skills in developing foreign language skills
  • improving self -confidence, self-esteem and peaceful attitudes
  • enhancing the cooperation among teachers from different countries

 Evaluation for parents

What are the benefits of involvement in this international project? Please, choose at least one answer.

  • Getting to know other countries and their culture 100%
  • Extending and enhancing classroom education 92%
  • Foreign language learning 100%
  • Improving English in real communication 100%
  • Promoting our school 80%
  • Creating important foundations for international understanding,  cooperation, harmony and friendship 100%
  • Promoting equality and destroying stereotypes 100%

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