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I know what VIOLENCE means and I have a SOLUTION 2011-2013

Report about the meeting in Kozsalin ( Polonia ),from Italy


(I Know What VIOLENCE means and I have a SOLUTION)


3rd-7th JUNE 2013


Monday 3rd of June


Italian team and students leaving Italy

Tuesday 4th of June

09:00 Welcoming all partners at school,a short visit in the classrooms


Teachers’ meeting

13:00 Lunch


Teachers prepare a Comenius Exhibition


15:30 Trip to Kolobrzeg

Wednesday 5th of June

9:00- 11:30  Comenius Exhibition

Teachers meeting 11:30 -12:30

13:oo Lunch

14:00 Meeting with the local authorities in the City Hall



15:00 Trip around Kozsalin

Thursday 6th of June

Trip to Gdansk (Danzica)

Friday 7th of June



Dearest Agnieszka,Priot,Danuta and all Comenius staff,
A big thank you for making the Comenius meeting in Poland unforgetable!Your warm welcome made us feel the value of friendship that has developed
between all of us and gave us the hope that it will not dissolve, and
we will meet and work together again, even if the Comenius project is
about to end. Any activities that you have organized for us , spoke of
you and the seriousness and punctuality with which you have always
participated in our project ,making it very significant from the point
of view of our educational and personal growth. Among the wonders of
your Country we breathed everywhere friendship and sharing among us.
In our opinion, that is the biggest goal that can be reached in a
project like this . A big thank you also to the families of your
students who have taken our kids and make them feel at home.We hope
that everything that we have achieved in these two years, does not
remain only a wonderful memory but is a starting point for new and
exciting experiences .

Thank you from the Italian Comenius staff

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