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I know what VIOLENCE means and I have a SOLUTION 2011-2013

Another meeting in Castel del Piano, between Italy and Turkey

The meeting took  place from the 16th  until the 20th of June,in Castel del Piano for discussing  the project results  and filling  the final report.

Turkish colleagues arrived at Grosseto railway station,in the evening and all  Comenius  staff had dinner at  Carla’s home.

Next morning our  Headmistress welcomed  teachers and Headmaster from our partner school and we had a   meeting on evaluating  our Project results.

After lunch we visited Orcia Valley :Villa Banfi,Poggio alle Mura Castle,Sant’Antimo Abbey,Montalcino,Pienza and Bagno Vignoni .Its territory, which is part of the Artistic, Natural and Cultural Park of the Val d’Orcia, is covered with vineyards (whose grapes produce prestigious wines) olive trees and woods consisting prevalently of holm oak trees.

Castello di Poggio alle Mura

Abbazia di Sant’Antimo



Picnic all’Albero delle ‘checche’

Bagno Vignoni

On Tuesday we had another meeting at school,where the coordinating teacher for Italy ,introduced a sample of the final report , a video and a guide for  EST form ,by a interactive whiteboard .All together  we discussed on them and the appropriate way to fill  the forms.

Later, we visited Corsini factory in Castel del Piano. Corsini produces over 140 kinds of sweets and biscuits.Recipes are original, true family secrets. The Corsini company is well known in Italy and abroad as one of the best producers of “Cantuccini”, the most classic and famous Tuscan biscuit with almonds.

In the afternoon Comenius team visited the top of the  Amiata Mountain.

The last day we did a trip to Rome.

Report about the meeting in Kozsalin ( Polonia ),from Italy


(I Know What VIOLENCE means and I have a SOLUTION)


3rd-7th JUNE 2013


Monday 3rd of June


Italian team and students leaving Italy

Tuesday 4th of June

09:00 Welcoming all partners at school,a short visit in the classrooms


Teachers’ meeting

13:00 Lunch


Teachers prepare a Comenius Exhibition


15:30 Trip to Kolobrzeg

Wednesday 5th of June

9:00- 11:30  Comenius Exhibition

Teachers meeting 11:30 -12:30

13:oo Lunch

14:00 Meeting with the local authorities in the City Hall



15:00 Trip around Kozsalin

Thursday 6th of June

Trip to Gdansk (Danzica)

Friday 7th of June



Dearest Agnieszka,Priot,Danuta and all Comenius staff,
A big thank you for making the Comenius meeting in Poland unforgetable!Your warm welcome made us feel the value of friendship that has developed
between all of us and gave us the hope that it will not dissolve, and
we will meet and work together again, even if the Comenius project is
about to end. Any activities that you have organized for us , spoke of
you and the seriousness and punctuality with which you have always
participated in our project ,making it very significant from the point
of view of our educational and personal growth. Among the wonders of
your Country we breathed everywhere friendship and sharing among us.
In our opinion, that is the biggest goal that can be reached in a
project like this . A big thank you also to the families of your
students who have taken our kids and make them feel at home.We hope
that everything that we have achieved in these two years, does not
remain only a wonderful memory but is a starting point for new and
exciting experiences .

Thank you from the Italian Comenius staff

Report on the 4th Meeting in Turkey,Istanbul


(I Know What VIOLENCE means and I have a SOLUTION)


15-19th APRIL 2013



15th April, Monday

ARRIVAL: Italian, Polish, Bulgarian and German teams arrive 

Italian team and students leaving Italy


16 th April, Tuesday: 09:00 Meeting at school




09:30 Turkish Team welcomes Comenius team and introduces the school, town and city. (slayt Bakırköy&İstanbul)





10:00-12:30 All Teachers attend official meeting.Presenting the Project outcomes and planning the activities until the meeting in Poland.


10:00-11:30 Folk Dance Workshop (Dancing Together) for STUDENTS

11:00-12:10 Students attend lessons.

12:30-13:30 Lunch


13:30- 18:30 İstanbul Old City Tour ( Hagia Sophia Museum, Sultanahmet Square etc.)


(After the tour STUDENTS will be brought back to school and hosting families will pick them up.)

19:00 Welcome Dinner for Teachers


17th April,Wednesday: 09:00 Meeting at school

9:30-10:00 Short meeting with Teachers

10:00- 11:30 Art workshop (Ebru: Turkish Paper Marbling) Teachers and Students together.

12:30-13:30 Lunch

13:30 Visit to Bakırköy District Director of Education, getting to know Bakırköy&Florya District

(In the afternoon after lunch, hosting families will pick up the students and they will spend time together.)

18:00 Dinner (Free Time )

18th April,Thursday: 09:00 Meeting at school

09:30-10:30 Students attend the lessons. Teachers meet teachers.

10:30-11:30 Music workshop (Playing and singing together)


11:30-12:30 Games in the school garden with students.

12:30 Lunch time

13:30 Sightseeing & Visiting Grand Bazaar, Topkapı Palace 

(After the tour STUDENTS will be brought back to school and hosting families will pick them up)

17:00 Bosphorus Boat Tour and Goodbye Dinner (Teachers only)

19th April, Friday: Departures

Dearest  friends from  Istanbul ,teachers,parents and students ,let me say  a big  THANK YOU , for your great hospitality and for organizing this unforgettable  meeting in your fantastic city and Country.

Antonella Coppi (coordinator of Comenius project)


Report on the 3rd Meeting in Germany,Rosensteinschule,Stuttgart

LLP Comenius Project

“I know what VIOLENCE means and I have a SOLUTION”


All teachers arrive

Welcome in Hotel Mercure


Meeting at school/Working time


Primary school welcomes all teachers at Rosensteinschule


Visiting Daimler museum (Mercedes)

Visiting Wasen (Octoberfest Stuttgart)


Meeting at school/working time and introduction of partecipating countries in classes 4a,4b,4c.

Lunch at school

Sightseeing tour through Stuttgart

Welfare dinner at “Sophies Brauhaus”,traditional Swabian


Visiting school  building (Primary school)

What to do from   October   to the next  April , when the fourth  meeting will set up in Istanbul?

From October to February

-Dvds and books of presentation of the violence using comic characters from national folk literature;(October)

-Survey about mid -term evaluation (October/November)

-Preparing posters against violence (A4 format) sharing them with partner schools, advertising them by local media agencies and internet.(November)

-Videoconference among coordinating teachers (November,28th at 6′o clock) Share our Skype accounts

- Videoconference among students( December,11th) Subject:Happy New Year wishes and a traditional song from 11-12 o’clock

-Build a story board with photos about finding solutions to the violence(January)  connected with the title “THE HERO OF THE DAY”

-Write down essays and make drawings connected with the title”The hero of the day “.(January)

-Exibition (photos,pictures,essays..)(February)


-Set up another videoconference among students(we have to concordate a day and the content)

-Videos on discussion,brainstorming…about videoclips published on our web site

-Setting up a meeting with Human rights experts/ volunteers association

-Setting up brochures with students questions about violence made to experts on Human rights, in each school


Meeting in Istanbul (from 15th to 19th April)

-Bring with us: 5 essays,5 photos,5 posters.

-To agree self evaluation strategies


-Apply strategies of self evaluation

-“Open day”at school to disseminate results and products


-Meeting in Poland (from 3rd to 7th June)

My dearest  friends from Stuttgart , thank you so much, for your great
hospitality and for organizing this unforgettable  meeting in your beautiful town.

Antonella Coppi (coordinator of Comenius project)

Report on the 2nd meeting in Haskovo(Bulgaria)

 LLP Comenius  Project “I know what VIOLENCE  means and I have a SOLUTION”

PLACE:Osnovno Uchilishte Hristo Smirnenski-Haskovo(Bulgaria)


-Sharing materials and results ;
-Planning next activities   and  mobility ,according to the application form ;
-sharing short reports  from each country on the following topics:
How the activities were organized
How many (and how) children involved
Impact of the activities on the children, teachers, institution, families, local community
European added value
Individual tasks
Communication between teachers

Our  second Comenius mobility took place in  Haskovo  ,in southern Bulgaria , not far from the borders with Greece and Turkey.   Teachers  from Italy,Germany,Turkey and Poland  ,with  a  delegation of their students ,who played the roles of Comenius project ambassadors ,were hosted by the Bulgarian  school from 16th to 20th April 2012.

From the very beginning this meeting was organized perfectly. At Sofia Airport the German,Polish and Italian delegations met each others and  a bus driver was waiting for them  to bring them  to the hotel,in Haskovo. At the hotel ,the Turkish and Bulgarian teachers welcomed the group that came from the Airport .Also the students were warmly welcomed by their host families and their peers, with whom they had already in contact by Skype.

On Tuesday 17th ,the  Bulgarian coordinating teacher,Radka Matanova,took us to school where   the Headmaster ,Mr Venko and two lovely girls,wearing a traditional costume ,gave us a warm and friendly welcome , with  a typical and  wonderful cake together  with honey.

We also had  a coffee  and other cakes at the staff room of the school with our Bulgarian colleagues.

Pupils and teachers took part in a meeting where it was  introduced  the host Country to the partners schools. They were welcomed by Bulgarian students who sang the European anthem .An Italian student read a message about friendship and no violence .All the coordinating teachers tought  the word “welcome” in their different languages  to the students.All of us were deeply impressed by the very friendly, well behaving pupils and the work they do about Comenius project . We took a lot of new ideas with us.

Each delegation has had a student as a guide to visit the school and classes .

Teachers had the first meeting about the project:  they exchanged materials they did at school  with all their students,like videos about ornaments and solutions to the violence,brochures,ornaments and logos.

After lunch,Bulgarian teachers setted up some interesting project activities for students , with the aims to build a common  logo.

Students,wearing a white T-shirt played games in international teams ,in the Gym;they  have also built, the  long title of our project ,word by word,with real involvement and enthusiasm .

At the end of the lessons, teachers did a short walk around the town and in the evening they had  dinner all together for  enjoying traditional Bulgarian food and the pleasure of being together with colleagues.

On Wednsday 18th, teachers and students had a  fantastic trip to Plovdiv,the most important city in  Northern Thrace  .It’s one of the oldest centers of European civilization-older than Rome and Athens. The town really was amazing! The coordinating teacher for Germany, came back to Stuttgart.

On Thursday 20th, teachers had  a very interesting  time at school,developing  a project activities with students. Our Bulgarian colleague ,Sofia, introduced and led several learning units, on the contents of our Comenius  project ,in a very interactive and exciting way. All students took a very active part in   working in groups  and individual activities.They were also involved in art workshop.

German teachers came back to Stuttgart.After lunch  students and teachers  met friends from another school in Haskovo.

After this  ,the  coordinating teachers presented videos about violence and solutions,made in their respective countries.

Later  a professional trainer tought  a Bulgarian folk dance to students and teachers !

In the evening all the staff  had dinner together.What great  and funny time!Unforgettable!

On Friday 20th, Polish delegation left Bulgaria in the morning.Waiting for their flight to Rome,Italian teachers and students visited Sofia,the  Bulgaria capital city.It was a  really nice surprise to discover the artistic beauty of this city, realize how different cultures and traditions  live together  , enjoy its romantic parks and green spaces !Before coming back to Istanbul ,Turkish students and teachers ,visited Varna  by bus.Varna ,referred to as the marine (or summer) capital of Bulgaria,  is a major tourist destination, business and university centre,  on the  Bulgarian Black Sea Coast.

What to do from   May  to the next  October, when the third  meeting will set up in Stuttgart?

-To Set up music performances (traditional folk songs)May-June 2012
-To prepare a puppet theatre  show research and analysis of famous comic characters from our respective national folk literature
-To Set up drama performances about “violence” and “solutions”
-To think about evaluation  of the first year and propose concrete evaluation criteria to be spread among teachers, families and students .

So finally, dear friends from Haskovo, let me say thank you for your great
hospitality and for organizing this unforgettable  meeting in your beautiful country.

Antonella Coppi (coordinator of Comenius project)