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I know what VIOLENCE means and I have a SOLUTION 2011-2013



At Castel del Piano Istituto Comprensivo,in the presence of school authorities and the President of  ’Imberciadori’, Foundation on June 28th, it was officially celebrated the end  of our project . The final event was organized for disseminating results and the importance of European projects, among other schools in the area. The project offered the opportunity to pupils and teachers not only to acquire and improve their knowledge of the subject on which it was based partnership, but also to increase their ability to work in teams, to planning and undertaking activities in collaboration, use of information technologies and communication, improve the ability to communicate in other languages .To better visualize the results, and for a maximum spreading ,by  using a software for Ipad, we have created an ebook, which summarizes the project and the positive impact on the communities of the partnership.


Starting from today you can view the ebook of our project titled  I know what VIOLENCE means and I have a SOLUTION in two formats: epub3 that allows you to see the video and pdf, where you have to settle for only the written parts and images. For the first you need to download Adobe Digital Editions on your PC, for the second a simple pdf reader, such as Adobe Reader XI. It can be read in the smartphone or tablet with iBooks or similar applications.



1st Comenius Meeting


“I know what VIOLENCE means and I have a SOLUTION”





Date:from 24th to 30th October ,2011

Activities programme



Turkish teachers arrive

 Italian teachers will pick them from Grosseto station.


9,15-Antonella will pick Turkish teachers from the hotel reception and take them to school.

9,30-10.00 Turkish teachers visit all the classes at Castel del Piano primary school.

Coffee Break

10,30-12,20 Workshops:

-LIM and virtual 3D Worlds(5^class-section B)

-Storytelling and a slice of bread..( 4^class-section B )


14.30-16.30 Art and craft (2^class-section A & B)

Waiting for our colleagues…free time

Polish ,Bulgarian and German teachers arrive:

Polish and Bulgarian teachers by minibus;

an Italian teacher will pick up German colleagues from Paganico bus station.




8:45-Italian teachers will pick colleagues from the hotel reception and take them to school.

9,00-11,00 German ,Turkish ,Bulgarian, Polish teachers present their country and schools to the pupils of Castel del Piano Middle School

-Italian Middle School students workshop

Coffee break

11,00-12,00 German ,Bulgarian,Turkish and Polish teachers present their country and schools to the pupils of the Primary School in Castel del Piano.

Lunch at the school canteen


15,00- Italian traditional song students performance . Folk music concert

at the the town hall of Castel del Piano

17,00 -Visit to our town,Castel del Piano:

-Palazzo Nerucci Museum

-Historical center

-Old wine cellars (Giovanna Longo guide)

German headmistress arrive:an Italian teacher will pick her from Grosseto rail station




Antonella will pick colleagues from the hotel reception and take them to Nerucci Palace

09,00 -Working time

11.00-Coffee break

11,15/13,00 -Working time

Lunch time


14,30 -17,30 Working time

18,00 Welcoming to all school partners in the presence of the Headmistress of IC, the Major of Castel del Piano, the President of the “Consiglio di Istituto”,parents , journalists and contradas.

19,30 Traditional Tuscan dinner with Italian colleagues



Departure of German teachers

Antonellawill pick colleagues from the hotel reception and take them to the school

09,00-12:00 -Turkish,Polish and Bulgarian teachers present their country and schools to the pupils of Montenero d’Orcia ,Primary School.

Visit to Montenero d’Orcia:

-Historical center

-Viewpoint on Val d’Orcia Valley and park

-Wine museum

- “Franci” olive oil mill

Lunch time

15,00 -Visit to Santa Fiora by bus:

-Peschiera garden

-Historical center

-Mine museum




For teachers who can stay another day in Tuscany ,with us :

Trip to Florence by minibus

Florence tour:

-Piazzale Michelangelo

-Santa Maria Novella pharmacy

-San Lorenzo market

Lunch in San Lorenzo area

-Cathedral, baptistery and Giotto bell tower

-Piazza Signoria

-Loggiato degli Uffizi

-Ponte Vecchio

-Palazzo Pitti



Photo Gallery

Wearing a special dress …to welcome our  partner schools

Castel del Piano Primary school

About our Project

This project is for pupils from 6 to 14 years old. By promoting wellness, it aims to prevent, analyze, resolve violence phenomenon at school, through good practices, developed from transnational collaboration. We also aim to set up positive changes in the school context and in the relation with parents, local community and people from other cultures/countries. In recent years there has been an increase of violence. It inhibits the well-being and learning potential of children and it is a socioeconomic problem of all nations. <Children  learn it, sometimes in the early years, but they can also “unlearn”it >and we believe  that through effective, practical and timely methods, it can be prevented, everywhere. Through by “cooperative” and “by doing” learning our students will develop their social skills, good cooperation strategies, mutual respect, the ability to overcome conflicts positively, producing animations movies and handcrafts (especially ornaments).Designing and making ornaments will enable students to explore their abilities and skills, to relax, to collaborate and share their products as well as their feelings and opinions. Developing positive attitudes against violence, children, will take awareness of what respecting legality and the rights of others means. At the same time pupils will take awareness of their own culture, enhancing mutual understanding between different Countries, to acquire a common European identity. We believe in the intercultural dialogue as an opportunity to contribute to a diverse and dynamic society, in Europe and throughout the World. It will also improve the education of disabled students, the using of foreign languages, as a great  value to share because expression of our different cultures and new technologies .

Posters from Bulgaria